Injuries in sports and often in everyday life are common. There are also many other more long-standing conditions such as certain types of arthritis, which create disability and pain, together with disfunction.

Many individuals may prefer to turn a blind eye to recurrent pain or long-standing problems, hoping that the pain may go away, or continue medication, which may not always be the best alternative or offer long-term improvement. Rehabilitative training at Maximum Fitness can more often help improvement of function and pain relief and the speed of a recovery process.

Rehabilitative training is also very useful for back pain sufferers who may have an immediate problem or have suffered long-standing recurrent discomfort.

Rehabilitation Training at Maximum Fitness will consist of the assessment of the injury and painful sites as well as other areas, which may add a factor to the particular problem. And a detailed history take of what has happened and any other treatment, training or activity that you may have done which may be helpful or make it worse.

Simple tests will be carried out to assess general mobility and ranges of motion that you are able to participate in, and need to improve.

Depending on your particular problem, treatment may consist of:

  1. A combination of specific mobilisation.
  2. Sports therapy / massage.
  3. Subsequent strengthening training in specific ranges of motion.
  4. Ongoing rehabilitation plan – which can consist of training at the gym, and some home-based movements.
  5. The discussion of containment of contra-indications (situations at work, home or in exercise) that may make the condition worse and ways to avoid this.