Depending on your disability, even if you use crutches or are wheelchair-bound, it is possible to instigate some type of fitness plan at Maximum Fitness.

We have an enthusiastic and experienced team who will be helpful in encouraging you to do at least what can be done which is often a lot better than doing nothing.

There is easy access for wheelchairs and a team member would be available to help when necessary to move you comfortably to different areas of equipment. So if you are disabled, do not be put off starting.

A team member will carry out basic assessment of mobility and strength in as many areas of movement that is possible to cover, as well as general health and heart / lung tests.

Consideration must be given not only to your particular disability but also to your attitude and motivation, which should be taken into account when determining what would be appropriate for you to do.

Additional help for the disabled may be with hands-on sports therapy massage / mobilisation which can be a useful addition to improving function in weak or painful areas. This is available at Maximum Fitness.

A training programme can take two forms:

  • After assessment, a manageable routine will be set for you, covering as many aspects of mobility, aerobic and strengthening work that is possible within your limitations – particularly working on areas of need, using machines and free weights where possible.or
  • For the more severely limited, a more hands-on resisted movements and mobilisation programme will be set, which would particularly suit amputees, but can also be very helpful to many individuals who may have difficulty holding, pulling or lifting, or some individuals suffering with extreme mobility or usage in certain areas, such as in chronic arthritic conditions. An experienced team member will help move or resist body / limb movement as well as stretching and mobilising. In this respect it would be necessary to have individual one-to-one sessions or take out a personal training contract which can be done weekly from as little as £99 per month.