News ArticleA recent study at Oregon state university concluded that red wine could be useful as a health aid.

There has been conflicting reports with multiple evidence presented both for and against including alcohol in a dietary regime.

The for and against has been a pendulum over the decades. Certainly for the first half of the 20th century medical advice was towards moderate alcohol in the diet, indeed doctors would prescribe daily ‘tot’ of whisky to patients for  number of conditions including high blood pressure and heart problems.

More recently medical opinion has moved in the opposite direction to omit alcohol from the diet completely.

Who is right? Well there is a great book recently produced ‘The Good News about Booze’. The author rightly compiles substantial evidence from all sides and concludes that a moderate amount of alcohol daily – especially red wine is pretty much essential for good health.

Our take?

Many people think alcohol contributes to fat gains and poor health. However in a great many cases, individuals who drink regularly, may also smoke or/and eat takeaways or just simply a poor diet – it is this that seems to contribute to weight gains and poor health, not the alcohol.

In tests of course many individuals who do not drink, may neither smoke nor eat junk food so in a lot of these studies the non-drinkers are shown to be healthier, but in careful analysis of data this is not the case. Especially when wine is included in the diet of individuals who exercise regularly, do not smoke and follow a healthy diet.

So we would heartily recommend a glass of red daily within a healthy diet – so sip up and enjoy!