We have to be realistic with chronic obesity where there is a life/death scenario surgery may be the last option – but in many other instances, Liposuction, weight reduction therapy, implants to enhance muscle shape may not be the best long term choice.
Over the recent decade there has been a huge increase in the availability and take up of body enhancing surgery. Clinic and beauty parlours are opening (and closing!) at an increasing rate and there are options for the weak willed to make substantial bodily changes with the swipe of a credit card. So with tempting advertising even with costs running into £1000s individuals think it somehow makes sense to go for surgical options.
There are downsides of course if you are going to spend a few thousand £’s on targeted liposuction, tightening of specific areas and consultations / follow-ups – this is a big procedure and there is a substantial period of recovery. As well as the possibility that there may be unforeseen complications.

However with the right regularity – guidance from personal coaching at Maximum Fitness each session, adhering to a tailored dietary regime, phenomenal changes can be made in the gym… if you have the patience.
Sure there is a cost but if someone has decided to spend a significant sum already why no put this to good use and take out a training contract long enough to produce what you need. The health benefits of this choice are substantial Of course there is also the incentive having paid for a 6/12 or 18 month period of cosmetic training – you are more likely to keep up the frequency to produce the desired result.
Dependant of an individual’s initial condition and goals training should be divided into 3 weight conditioning training sessions weekly with separate sessions for cardio possibly 3 x weekly.
The starting point for choosing exercises will depend on an individual’s capacity, motor control and any exercise vocabulary already in existence so that a programme is developed where movements can be performed well enough to produce change. This requires experienced assessment.
The right exercise done the right way for the right reasons with the right effort input is important to produce results with rhythm and continuity of exercise flow and effort during a session. With careful combination of movement choices to produce what we call synergistic results. That is not just from a particular movement but also the combination of movements that exercise sits it. So they all work with additional benefit.
There are minor cosmetic surgical improvements that can be add – ons to gym based cosmetic training. Collagen, Botox etc. which are popular as well as others
Maximum Fitness do receive referrals for specific exercise from some clinics, in particular Dermodoc (www.dermodoc.co.uk) where patients have had been given advice to commence a targeted exercise programme under guidance. If some minor surgery is something you are considering they are a good starting point for qualified,relialistic and experienced perspectives.