Certainly a brisk walk on a regular basis is a simple sure fire way of gently increasing calorie output and improving base level fitness.

In addition a recent report listed a worrying rise of obesity in schools to the extent of a third of pupils veering towards poor on the obesity scale. But there was one school where the headmistress managed to reduce this to zero over the course of a year….. How did she do it? Every teacher in charge of each class was instructed to give the pupils a 20 brisk walk in the playground every day as part of the curriculum without fail – regardless of weather ( the kids just wrapped up accordingly).

With the current obesity epidemic any simple and easy to apply method of encouraging the population to improve their health is highly recommended.

But does this beat the gym? I am not so sure. Certainly it beats slow sets and long rest periods which may be the norm in many gyms around the country which do not have the training methods or ethos of maximum fitness.

Short rest periods / combining exercises with super sets and working out 3 or 4 times weekly for an hour or so ( no longer!) Is THE best way to knock yourself into proper shape, improve muscle tone and efficiency and reduce fat…, but certainly nipping out a few times during the week for a 20 min stroll has got to be a cherry on the top of your fitness regime.

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