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Cosmetic Surgery or Cosmetic Training?

We have to be realistic with chronic obesity where there is a life/death scenario surgery may be the last option – but in many other instances, Liposuction, weight reduction therapy, implants to enhance muscle shape may not be the best long term choice. Over the recent decade there has been a huge increase in the  Continue Reading »

Alcohol and training?!

A recent study at Oregon state university concluded that red wine could be useful as a health aid. There has been conflicting reports with multiple evidence presented both for and against including alcohol in a dietary regime. The for and against has been a pendulum over the decades. Certainly for the first half of the  Continue Reading »

Enjoy Your Xmas !!

…So Saturated Fat is good for you now!   THE STORY SCIENTISTS recently announced that decades of nutritional advice prompting people to reduce saturated fats in their diet, opt for grilled chicken, snack on low fat cheese and reduced-fat crackers, have been misguided and that far from causing clogged arteries, heart disease, obesity and diabetes,  Continue Reading »