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Does a walk beat the gym?

Certainly a brisk walk on a regular basis is a simple sure fire way of gently increasing calorie output and improving base level fitness.

Alcohol and training?!

A recent study at Oregon state university concluded that red wine could be useful as a health aid. There has been conflicting reports with multiple evidence presented both for and against including alcohol in a dietary regime. The for and against has been a pendulum over the decades. Certainly for the first half of the  Continue Reading »

Sometimes people deserve a big pat on the back.

This is Philippa Huckle. A very busy lady running a renowned international business in wealth management. After trying different gyms a couple of years ago to start a serious course of strength and conditioning training she has settled on maximum fitness as the best of all. Whilst commuting to the Far East on a regular  Continue Reading »

Alan Hayling Film and TV producer..

What a great patient and client. Totally compliant and willing. This helps us do very good. Alan joined maximum fitness for personal training with Clive nearly a year ago with severe systemic arthritis affecting most joints. This is Alan having therapy on his worst joint – right knee. This is the easy part of rehab  Continue Reading »

Why Women Should Do Weights

Are Weights as Good For Women? We at Maximum Fitness all know women not only have just as much a right to be in the free weights section and squat rack as guys do, but benefit just as much too. The problem… Despite clear evidence to the contrary, however, over half the population are convinced  Continue Reading »

Rehabilitation Training at Maximum Fitness

Injuries in sports and often in everyday life are common. There are also many other more long-standing conditions such as certain types of arthritis, which create disability and pain, together with disfunction. Many individuals may prefer to turn a blind eye to recurrent pain or long-standing problems, hoping that the pain may go away, or  Continue Reading »

Training for the Disabled at Maximum Fitness

Depending on your disability, even if you use crutches or are wheelchair-bound, it is possible to instigate some type of fitness plan at Maximum Fitness. We have an enthusiastic and experienced team who will be helpful in encouraging you to do at least what can be done which is often a lot better than doing  Continue Reading »

Foundation Training Techniques

With the surge in new debutantes in both training and teaching there is a modern trend to popularise innovative new techniques, specific isolation exercises or ‘core strength’ training as the nirvana for focus of gym work with as many weird and wonderful promises to change your body in as many days – both for those  Continue Reading »

Understanding the benefits of Cold Weather Training

We saved distribution of our January newsletter until the forecasters confirmed the ongoing Icelandic conditions which are around at the moment. We wrote last February a little about some of the benefits of utilising cold weather but we had just a little burst of winter then not like now. It is likely to curtail many  Continue Reading »

Understanding Abdominal Training

Understanding Abdominal Training – A quick Nip and Tuck on those abs. Firstly one issue needs to be made clear. The abdominal muscles are not one of the larger group of muscles, they do not demand, nor consume lots of energy. If you carry out daily amounts of 100’s of repetitions of sit ups or  Continue Reading »