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Plateau and Overtraining Syndrome

This can be an occurrence during any training regime. The plateau is one of those situations where you do not seem to make any improvements in the gym, or outside events on track, pool or other; or where progress is painfully slow. Sometimes this can be more noticeable the more advanced your training becomes. In  Continue Reading »

Maximum training efficiency

Bounce into spring with a minute! At last the weather is abating – the daffodils nearly showing the first signs of ending their slumber. Maybe it’s the time now to start thinking of waking up your training – upping your training efficiency and begin the metamorphosis of knocking off the excess, honing the physique and  Continue Reading »

Systematic routines for simple strength training, split training & power conditioning

YOU CANNOT OVER-TRAIN! Only under-rest and under-nourish, and end up doing too much of not enough! A simple statement but very true… “Training for strength and/or conditioning needs to be often enough to offer stimulus for movement of change and sufficient stimulus (effort) each occasion”. If the frequency is there but the effort is reduced*  Continue Reading »