Terms and Conditions

The application for membership once accepted by Maximum Fitness will run for the agreed period. Memberships are not transferable or refundable. all members agree to pay any amounts due on the due date.

Induction and personal training sessions will be offered as per application with first Two sessions allocated to each new membership application.

every applicant for membership by their signature hereto warrants that to the best of their knowledge and belief they are suffering form no physical disability or illness that is or maybe be affected by exercise to whatever degree, and further warrants to advise the proprietors is after becoming a members they should suffer from such disability or illness and every applicant by their signature hereto agrees to indemnify the proprietor’s premises in respect of any disability or illness whether suffered on the premises or otherwise.

By Becoming a member every applicant agrees to abide by the gym rules and regulations as well as maintaining an appropriate standard of attire and behavior whilst on the premises as advised by the proprietors and management. Management reserves the right to refuse entry should these be contravened without recourse or refund.

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