Losing Weight Advice

There is no doubt about the fact that the UK population is getting fatter and more unhealthy. Why do so many people make such a mess out of their attempts to lose weight and why are there so many conflicting ideas as to what is best? A combination of the following 5 simple components is a key we use to unlock the route to not only succeed in losing weight but also feeling better and more active.

Understanding the goal is to lose excess fat – not just body weight – will help to understand the importance of a healthy diet, and the need to improve body functions.

Maximum Fitness is committed to advising and helping you to achieve your goal and to provide you with the necessary advice to have a balanced approach of all components to help your body work better, have more energy and learn how to lose and store less fat… and keep it off.

A team member will be pleased to check your body fat at regular intervals – as part of our service and commitment to your health.

It works – It can work for you!

5 Simple components for a better lifestyle…

  1. Maintain a regular muscle toning and strengthening programme.
    Bone density and joint strength and function depend on efforts made by muscles during movement. A regular toning programme provides stimulus to help your bones and joints as well as muscles to become stronger and you to look better – all of which create an ongoing regenerative and calorie-burning effect between sessions.
  2. Increase regular aerobic activity.
    Besides improving cardiovascular fitness, this can provide a regular fat-burning environment for your body.
    Follow a nutritious diet that fits in with your lifestyle.
  3. Eating fresh and nutritious food regularly has never been easier and there is an abundance of economical produce everywhere. Eating small meals regularly helps to teach your body to process foods more efficiently through your body and to use the nutrients rather than storing them. (Missing meals has an adverse effect!)
    Improve consumption of plain water regularly throughout the day.
  4. Our body is made up of some 70% water and needs regular amounts throughout a day to promote good digestion and efficient metabolism of nutrients.
  5. Reduce fast food snacks.
    And replace with fruit, nuts and raw vegetables. They are marvellous and economical pick-me-ups.
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