Gym Facilities

Personal One to One Training Specialists

Our mature, experienced and focussed coaches are always here, dedicated to providing particular and effective tuition tailored to your specific requirements. Our prices are fair and reasonable and personal training is provided by our own in-house trainers, so you don’t have to rely on outside contractors as in most of the major chains. We’re no more expensive – but we are better.

Biggest Range of Free weights

We have not only a great variety of machinery but also the biggest range of free-weights in London, in a disciplined and constructive environment suitable for everyone.

With plenty of space in a large and airy environment, we teach you how to use sensible, full range of movements that only training with free-weights under the supervision of experienced coaches can provide. We help you to achieve faster and more effective progress than just using machinery alone.

Allows your body to move well and become stronger easier.

Sports Therapy & Massage

Our sports therapy is precise and focussed to provide speedy relief from aches or injury and to aid recovery. We have a vast amount of experience particularly in dealing with shoulder, back and neck injuries, and have provided treatment workshops and advice for medical practitioners and therapists.

Improves and maintains function.

You’ll find our treatment sessions very beneficial and not “padded out” with continuous unnecessary visits, but geared towards achieving speedy improvements – this can sometimes include rehabilitative mobilisation exercises and advice.

The therapist is key to good treatment in creating the result and in terms of the physical ease at which massage and treatment is applied. And effective sports massage sessions help to maintain good function and release stress in tight muscles and structures.

Extensive Cardio Kit

An ideal balanced workout should comprise mobility, appropriate strength / endurance training with cardio-respiratory training. Staying in shape or aiming just to improve your fitness should include all aspects and we have an extensive range of rowers, treadmills, cycles and steppers.

Fun Training

We run a balanced and sensible training environment and teach you how to put some zip and variety into your routines to make the hard work easier to motivate yourself to do… and of course to get those results you’re after a little easier.


Moderate exposure to UV light under controlled conditions can have beneficial effects; phototherapy is used for the treatment of eczema, psoriasis and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Our latest technology sunbooth is available for you to tan responsibly to look good and feel great.