Why Choose Us

Why Choose Maximum Fitness

We care – we want you to do well and we aim to provide an organized and confortable gym and training centre for this to happen the big chain clubs are just that chain you into a monthly scheme and no real training services!

We cater for all individuals – from teenagers to pensioners and from the fit to the disabled. Our in-depth experience of rehabilitative exercise is utilised extensively by the medical profession and indeed we are the London Centre for National Back Pain Association as well as members of other respective professional bodies.

We do not try to ‘pad out’ your valuable time with exercises that are inefficient and not valuable to your long term objectives – hence, Maximum Fitness may not be for everybody ! Some individuals seem to have an endless amount of time and energy to waste in the gym and seem to enjoy the prospect of spending more time in the gym than truly necessary and never learning that ‘too much of the wrong type of training too often’, does not bring them any nearer their long term objective.

This does not mean that we are task masters – in fact quite the opposite. We try to ensure that individuals only spend time and energy systematically in areas they need to, doing exercises that are manageable and effective.

Our systems are simple, our assessment in-depth – our 1-1 supervision on your first visit and quarterly reviews and reassessment are targeted to emphasise improvements in weak areas and teach specifically what will work for you also ensuring that relevant, manageable dietary and lifestyle changes are followed. This is all included in your membership to help us help you.

In short we ensure that your effort is sensibly directed and well rewarded as quickly as is possible – of course getting fitter and in shape is always going to be hard work. There are no secrets – no short cuts, if you are looking for one you will not find it at Maximum Fitness.

For most newcomers your training will comprise of aerobic conditioning, stretching and mobility movements also toning and strengthening exercises with machines or weights. Normally 2 or 3 40-60 min workouts weekly are optimum when followed with our dietary and lifestyle advice.

The only training that works is going to be the one you do! – not the one you do not do because the results do not seem proportioned to the effort or interest was lost after the first month. Our training systems are geared to a gradual and progressive increase and gradual permanent improvements – the only reason for not achieving initially agreed goals is that you either do not keep to your training or do not follow our advice! Whatever exercise plan works can only do so over a period of time. We know how to introduce you to exercise so that it can become a habit for long enough to work.