Personal Training

Personal Training 1-1 Coaching Price List

1-1 personal tuition members (per session) £37.50
1-1 personal tuition non members (per session) £45.00
Block of 6 Sessions members £187.50
Block of 6 Sessions non members (per session) £225.00

Personal Training 1-1 Coaching Price List

3 Month Once per week (1-1 3M 1X) £495.00
Twice per week (1-1 3M 2X) £795.00
6 Month Once per week (1-1 6M 1X) £795.00
Twice per week (1-1 6M 2X) £1350.00
12 Month Once per week (1-1 12M 1X) £1350.00
Monthly Payment Scheme on above (1-1 CONT 1X) £135.00
Minimum Monthly Payment Scheme 12 Month
12 Month Twice per week (1-1 12M 2X) £2250.00
Monthly Payment Scheme on above (1-1 CONT 2X) £225.00
Minimum Monthly Payment Scheme 12 Month
All Memberships Subject to £75 Joinng FeeAll above memberships include open gym access at all times. Regular systematic measurement and training log including Bodyweight / Body fat / Dynamic strength / Mobility / Lung and Heart function.

Minimum 24hr notice cancellation to avoid loss off appointment

Maximum Fitness are one of the few centres that train clients ‘in house’. After a quick discussion before and after training, each 1-1 workout is carefully logged and progressive/constructive changes noted for the next session. That means that the next workout is always ready and one of our 1-1 team are prepared in advance to do exactly what’s needed. If you train with us it is unlikely you will want to go elsewhere!..and its economical.

There has been a surge in personal training in recent years for this very useful facility for individuals to improve their training skills and progress.Consequently, considerable numbers of new courses have sprung up for personal trainers and there are probably nearly as many teaching debutants as there are training debutants. Unfortunately in many instances, this has not resulted in more dynamic teaching or learning for clients with many personal trainers being little more than professional ‘adult minders’ in their application of duty regardless of qualifications and with little attention to building performance or skills. Not only that but most clubs contract out their personal training so there is no common standard or consistency. In addition – the client has to pay two fees – one for the trainer and one for the club!